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About The Innovation Dialog
Ding Ding TV - Innovation TV Program - Bi Weekly Series

This cutting edge show will bring the best and brightest ideas and initiative, which will showcase innovations in both countries USA  & China.

The show will bring stories from the front line of the fierce competition between Silicon valley innovation drivers, and China`s new generation. We believe that collaboration and cutting edge entrepreneurship,can go together

Through personal stories and short video clips we will demonstrate the latest creations form the garages of the valley to the industrial parks of Asia (China) and vice versa

Examines the global impact of technology and seeks solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

The show will serve as a multicultural and bilingual media bridge between USA. & Asia.  It will air nationwide on many  US TV cable and satellite Channels.

丁丁電視- 品牌欄目《創新對話》



本節目力圖通過更廣闊的多媒體傳播產生深遠的影響力。藉着矽谷得天獨厚的條件與中美在各個領域的合作優勢 ,通過網路實現全球直播互動,同時《創新對話》節目也在美國多個有線電視及衛星頻道播出。


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